2$ Fabo is an Atlanta born rapper, producer, singer, songwriter, recording artist, philanthropist and entertainer. 2$ Fabo is known for both his solo material and his involvement in D4L, and has been made famous by his unique style. 2$ Fabo returned to the music scene after a brief hiatus with his trademark "OHHHH" and highly acclaimed mixtape 'We Amongst You.’

2$ Fabo was drawn to music at a very young age, and, as the eldest of five children, he could frequently be found entertaining his siblings, those in his church choir, and others around him at the Bankhead Court Apartments. After relocating to Perry Homes Community, 2$ Fabo became caught up in a life of crime, and found himself serving a two year prison sentence. It was during this period that he learned to rap. Upon his release, he returned to Bankhead, and began demonstrating his performance capabilities by winning talent shows throughout Atlanta, creating a buzz, city-wide.

While maintaining one foot in the music game and the other in the streets, 2$ Fabo rose to prominence on the strength of his mix CDs “Gik Muzik,” “We Amongst You’, and D4L's major hit 'Laffy Taffy'. Always present in 2$ Fabo's delivery is his 'Gik'ed Out' style, which stands for 'Give Instead of Kill.' His fantastical delivery and surrealist approach towards partying and drugs set him apart from scores of other rappers who touch on the subjects.

As both an MC and producer, 2$ Fabo has collaborated with a long and impressive list of artists, including Young Jeezy, Pitbull, Lil Jon, R Kelly, Gucci Mane, Too Short, George Clinton, Trinidad James, Ying Yang Twins, T Pain, 8 Ball and David Banner to name only a few.

2$ Fabo is also proud to have traveled and performed internationally, including tours to various military bases in Iraq, Germany and Japan for the United States Troops. All the while, the GIK (Give Instead of Kill) remained in his soul.