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2$ Fabo GIK NATION Submissions

Calling ALL 2$ Fabo Fans!

We want your help to keep 2$ Fabo's fans up to date. Become a member of the new and official GIK NATION! We want you to send us 2$ Fabo news, photos, stories, fan pictures, videos, etc.! With all of the exciting new projects coming up for 2$ Fabo, we need your help now more than ever to keep all the fans informed and united in supporting 2$ Fabo.

-Have you read an interesting 2$ Fabo article?
-Found a mention or a picture of 2$ Fabo in a magazine or website?
-Are you the ultimate 2$ Fabo fan and likes to imitate his dances, songs, pictures, etc?

Send us an e-mail at giksquad@gikcity.com and we'd love to share it with all the fans.

In addition to your news possibly being posted on 2$ Fabo's official site, once a month we will randomly pick a fan who has sent in a submission to receive a 2$ Fabo prize!