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UK's FACT Magazine Names We Amongst U one of The Week's Best Mixtapes

FACT Magazine
The Week’s Best Mixtapes and Free Mixes, January 10, 2014


2$ Fabo is best known for being a member of D4L, the snap rap outfit behind 2005’s line-in-the-sand hit ‘Laffy Taffy’. The rapper/singer who churned out tracks about getting geek’d and seeing spaceships in Bankhead certainly influenced Atlanta’s rap scene, from Gucci’s predilection for ecstasy to Future’s space cadet warble to Young Thug’s straight-up weirdness (Thugger even namedrops Fabo on ‘Stoner’) — to say nothing of snap’s influence on DJ Mustard’s ratchet music.

On We Amongst U, Fabo has returned from relative obscurity to press his sing-song flow (and his pained “oww” ad-lib) in service of tales about what actually happens when you pop as much molly as your songs say you do. Fabo (sounding a bit like Kevin Gates), lays it out on ‘Catch Me On Dat Molly’: “It’s insane / When I don’t remember my name, I close my eyes and I deal with this pain / And I bite on this chain.” He’s similarly urgent and honest on ‘I Can’t Get Enough’, his “I can’t feel my legs / I can’t breathe right now” lyrics sounding far from celebratory. Except for ‘How The Fuck Did I Get Here’, the songs play less like cautionary tales than as honest portrayals of the club-drug lifestyle. We Amongst U is a solid (if overlong) offering from one of the ATLiens responsible for rap’s current flavor.