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Spin Magazine names 2$ Fabo "Keep Your Mind on Dat Money" for Best Rap Songs of the Week

Best Rap Songs of The Week
Spin Magazine
Brandon Soderberg
January 9 2014, 2:13 PM ET

Fabo, "Keep Your Mind on Dat Money"

In which Fabo, the original molly maniac — formerly of D4L, and now staging a slow and steady comeback after new-school ATLiens showed him some love (Trinidad Jame$ featured him on "Quez": Young Thug declared, "I feel like Fabo" on "Stoner") last year — does a David-Ruffin-if-he-were-rollin' vocal performance over DJ Speedy's '60s-soul-signifying beat. If this song were less joyous/insane (or less old-school women-empowerment-themed), it might come off as some kind of grab for respectability, though in that case, he wouldn't be screaming in the background, slathered in Auto-Tune. Mostly, though, it's just an assertion that Fabo's got soul, in that old-fashioned, grit-and-grime, pain-and-pleasure kind of way. A retrolicious closer to Fabo's We Amongst U, a mixtape that otherwise sounds like the Silver Surfer cruising on an oversized E-pill straight into Galactus' mouth, cackling at the idea of death.