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Rapswag "We Amongst U" Mixtape Review

Mixtape Review: 2$ Fabo – We Amongst U
Courtesy of Lawrence Burney

While Danny Brown is the underground’s resident druggy rapper on a wide scale, former D4L frontman, Fabo is just as potent in that arena. His newest tape, We Amongst U, is a 22-track invitation to get zooted as possible and give no fucks about doing it. In the intro he warns us that he just came back from the year 5078, so the loopiest shit possible is expected.

The tape’s first single, “Catch Me On Dat Molly” is the first song and one of the most effective. Creepy and dark, his flow here has flashes of an early Lord Infamous. On “Krazy Bout Dat Money”, he yells “If i had one leg and one arm, I’m still gon’ get this money”. Fabo’s authenticity here is too believable for it not to be a result of him actually being on molly every song (plus whatever else he was feeling that day). From the beginning, he firmly asserts an energy level that doesn’t waiver at any point of the tape—something that’s a rarity in any sub-genre of rap right now.

In “I Can’t Get Enough” he can’t see straight, he can’t feel his legs and he can go to space, on command. It’s probably the most bat-shit crazy and reckless song on the tape. The warping synths crash with Fabo’s harsh delivery as he says shit like, “I’m a grown man and this a free country. Let me have my gateway drugs!” The best thing about We Amongst U is the super posi “My Planet”. In his world, police don’t exist, money isn’t a big deal, everybody is strapped up and no one’s affected by the bullshit that comes with race. It’s beautiful, in that, his utopia is contradictory enough to be realistic. The hook is guided by Fabo’s soulful harmonizing in the background.

We Amongst U wins because of its range. Going in you know that Fabo is going to be outlandish, passionate and unforgiving about having fun at whatever costs. It’s the bases he touches while being in a familiar realm that make the tape noteworthy.