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Fader picks We Amongst U for Mixtape Saturday

2$ Fabo, We Amongst U, January 7, 2014

by Meaghan Garvey
Mixtape Saturday

I’m envisioning an influx of writing in the wake of former D4L member (and ringleader) Fabo’s wild new tape, We Amongst U, late-pass explaining how D4L and their late ’90s/early ’00s snap music compatriots are the possible originators of DJ Mustard’s sparse, ratchet sound. But Fabo’s return—seemingly out of nowhere, though he did appear for a bright moment on Trinidad Jame$’ 10pc Mild tape last year—is hardly in line with the understated sounds of the West Coast he may have shaped. On the contrary: this shit is legitimately bonkers in the best possible way. He’s as goofy as he was a decade ago, throwing his deep voice all over the place, gobbling drugs with reckless abandon and hollering about launching himself into space. Meanwhile, he’s surrounded by extraterrestrial synths and bombastic horns. (There are also gentle moments, like “My Planet,” a straight-up lullaby). Far from out of his element after all these years, Fabo blends hints of EDM, a bit of saccharine boppiness, ATLien soul and snap’s stubborn dedication to the turn up. So far, it’s the most fun mixtape of 2014.

Highlights: “Krazy Bout That Money” is nothing short of ecstatic, a twinkling, Nard & B-reminiscent production over which Fabo delivers the most impassioned love letter to cash I’ve ever heard. It feels like hearing “The World’s Greatest” for the first time. It makes me want to do better.

WTF: D.A.D. is the best new rap name of the year, especially thanks to his feature on a skit titled “Not Again Dad.”